Visit Lethbridge Mobile Application

by Chinook Country Tourist Association

In partnership with the Lethbridge Lodging Association and the City of Lethbridge, Chinook Country recently launched a mobile app called ‘Visit Lethbridge’. The purpose of this app is for both residents and tourists to more easily navigate things to do, where to stay and what to see while in Lethbridge. 

Visit Lethbridge contains directories of local restaurants, parks, shops, accommodations and event listings. There are coupons from local businesses, polls inquiring about favourite attractions and day trips, as well as RSS feeds showing local news. It also has a fun “Check-In” feature, the ability to make custom postcards to send to people, as well as contests describing a best experience in the area.

The Visit Lethbridge app is available to download on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms or is also available on a mobile site.