Moose Trail Overland Brings 4x4 Adventures to the Canadian Rockies

Moose Trail Overland is the newest adventure provider to the Canadian Rockies. Offering pre-set and custom tours, Michael Kearns, Ryan Strohmaier, and Handsome Andy (the van) will take on you on the path less travelled and into some “edge-of-your-seat adventure travel.” 
Mike and Ryan are your local experts who are willing and eager to show you all of their favourite places. From lakes, rivers, mountains, and wildlife you’ll experience it all in an up close and personal setting. Hop on board the 14-passenger van, get to know your travel companions, and listen to tales of two local adventurers. These two dads are welcoming you to their family and are keen to share their home with you. Their spontaneity will have you guessing at every turn: what’s around the next bend?  
Ryan Strohmaier says his partner is responsible for the idea of Moose Trail Overland. “We were sitting around, and Mike said: ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if we could drop ourselves in the middle of nowhere with our buddies and just enjoy the views around us, beer in hand?’” 
Going against the grain of cookie-cutter itineraries and beaten path tours, they’ll customize your tour by getting to know you and your style of adventure. With a goal of stepping out of the usual and into the exceptional, you’ll experience a whole other side of Canmore, Kananaskis, and Banff regions – seeing the best of what the Rockies have to offer. Allowing you the pleasure of choosing the easiest trip you’ve ever planned, because they take care of it all!
Constantly seeking new adventures, the team at Moose Trail Overland is committed to expanding their tour line. Whether that includes structured tours or helping you bring your dream adventure to life with their custom trips, their main focus is getting you into nature and exploring. Your appetite will be satisfied with their current offerings of standup paddleboard trips, float tours, and distillery tours and tastings, all paired with exceptional meals. 
Both locals to Canmore, they offer insightful knowledge of the landscape and supplement their team with local guides. Leveraging their partnerships withWild Life Distillery, Bow Valley SUP, Canmore Raft Tours, Baker Creek Bistro, and Mount Engadine Lodge, they pull together a tour schedule unlike any other for groups of 14 and less.
Your spirit and soul will feel rejuvenated after some time in the wilderness. And with a company that focuses on sustainable growth, utilizing resources that already exist locally, your booking will have a direct impact on the local economy. 
Buckle in and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Handsome Andy is ready and waiting to take you into places less explored. And as Ryan puts it “it’s not that we want to get stuck, but we wouldn’t have a problem if we did.” Allow Moose Trail Overland to plan your stay and embrace the unknown.
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