Business Magnates to Become Dino-Hunters for New Museum

by Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initative 

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation and John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products and the Patron spirits company, will be heading to the Peace Country, Alberta this August to get their hands dirty hunting multi-million year old dinosaur fossils.

Allen and DeJoria will join a group including Dan Aykroyd, Donna Dixon Aykroyd, Matthew Gray Gubler and Fran Drescher as well as a team of palaeontologists from around the globe for three days of events celebrating the completion of the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum building. After excavating fossils from two major sites – one of them among the world’s densest horned dinosaur bonebeds – the group will also attend the Amber Ball – a gala fundraiser for the Currie Museum.

The Currie Dinosaur Museum, named after Canada’s preeminent palaeontologist, is a $34.6 million facility under construction since June 2013 that will open to the public Dec. 1, 2014. This August, Grande Prairie, Alberta and the surrounding communities will celebrate the completion of the museum building with a crowd of international glitterati and palaeontological literati in attendance.

Highlights will include:

Confirmed guests attending:

Dan Aykroyd (Canadian film actor)

Donna Dixon Aykroyd (film actress)

Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder) and sister Jody Patton

John Paul DeJoria (co-founder of Paul Mitchell hair care and Patron spirits)

Matthew Gray Gubler (star of hit TV series ‘Criminal Minds’)

Aubery Plaza (star of hit TV series ‘Parks and Recreation’)

Fran Drescher (star of hit TV series ‘The Nanny’)

Michael Budman (Co-Founder, Roots Canada) and partner Diane Bald

Lori Karnath, past President of the Explorer’s Club and partner Robert Roethenmund, past chair of

the Western European Chapter of the Explorer’s Club

Sam and Connor Kennedy (sons of Robert Kennedy Jr.)

Lady Anne Lambton (British actress, including ‘Mrs. Henderson Presents,’ and author)

Judy and Luke Belushi (wife and son of the late John Belushi, American actor and musician)

Lewis Lavoie (Canadian muralist)

Julius Csotonyi (Canadian palaeoartist)

Dr. Nathan Wolfe (eminent American virologist, founder and director of Global Viral)

T. Buckley (Albertan country singer)

The Tenors (formerly the Canadian Tenors)

Sheva (actress)

Elvis Perkins (musician)

Elana Ryan (actress)

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About the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum and the Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative

The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, scheduled to open its doors in December 2014, will be a 41,000 sq. foot, world-class facility highlighting the rich fossil resources of Northern Alberta. Named for Dr. Philip Currie, Canada’s preeminent palaeontologist, the museum, located in Wembley AB will serve as a hub of education and science in the area. The Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative is the omnibus term for the project team tasked with the realization of the museum. Please see